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(614) 943-9483
Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

American Eagle Transportation offers a wide range of transportation services from doctor visits to shopping trips. To schedule a please call us at ‭(614) 943-9483 or send us an email at with your name, contact information, date, and type of transportation you will need. For details and prices please see below.

Wheelchair Transport

$20.00/base charge + $3.00/Mile
$1.00/minute if client leaves the vehicle (Ex. Pharmacy, ATM, Etc.)

Doctors Transport

$100.00/Round Trip + Fees Below​
$1.00/Mile From Pick Up Location
Driver will wait outside for return: $1.00/Min.

Store Transport

$100.00/Round Trip + Fees Below
Driver will load/unload groceries/items and wait outside to transport back, $1.00/minute

Store Transport: Assistance inside (pushing cart, loading items in/out of cart) is available upon request

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